Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

Effective Date: 30 November 2023


These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you (“you” or “your”) and JC-Coin (“JCC”, “we”, “our” or “us”). The Terms govern your use of the JCC Services made available to you on or through the Platform or otherwise. JCC Services may be provided by JCC or, if specified in these Terms, any Product Terms or any additional terms, by any JCC Affiliate.

By registering for a JCC Account, accessing the Platform and/or using the JCC Services, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms, together with any additional documents or terms referred to in these Terms. You acknowledge and agree that you will be bound by and will comply with these Terms, as updated and amended from time to time.

If you do not understand and accept these Terms in their entirety, you should not register for a JCC Account or access or use the Platform or any JCC Service.



As with any asset, the value of Digital Assets can fluctuate significantly and there is a material risk of economic loss when buying, selling, holding or investing in Digital Assets. You should therefore consider whether trading or holding Digital Assets is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances.

Further information on the risks associated with using the JCC Services is set out in our Risk Warning, which may be updated from time to time. You should read the Risk Warning Summary carefully, however it does not explain all of the risks that may arise, or how such risks relate to your personal circumstances.

It is important that you fully understand the risks involved before making a decision to use the JCC Services.

We're not your broker, agent, or advisor, and we don't have a special responsibility to you for any transactions you do with JCC Services. We don't give any investment or consulting advice, and the info we provide isn't meant as advice.

It's up to you to decide if an investment or transaction is right for you based on your goals, finances, and risk tolerance. You're responsible for any losses. We don't suggest whether you should buy, earn, sell, or hold any Digital Asset. Before deciding, do your own research and talk to your financial advisor. We're not accountable for your choices or any losses from them based on our information.




1. Introduction

1.1 About Us JCC provides a token, JC-Coin, that acts like a hub for online trading of Digital Assets. The difference with JC-Coin and other coins and tokens is in its ability to exchange into physical precious metals – to retrieve, to store or anywhere in between. 

1.2 These Terms When you sign up for a JCC Account, you're making a legal agreement with us. These Terms guide how you use JCC Services, explaining who we are, how we'll provide the services, how the Terms can change, and what to do if there's a problem. It's important to read these Terms and let us know if anything is unclear.

If there are specific terms for your location, those will be more important than these general Terms.

1.3 Additional Documents These Terms mention a few more documents you should know about :

  • Privacy Notice: Explains how we handle your personal data. By using JCC Services, you agree to this, and you promise that the info you provide is accurate.

  • Risk Warning: Important info about the risks of buying, selling, holding, or investing in Digital Assets.

  • Fee Structure: Details about fees are on our website.

  • Product Terms: Extra conditions for specific JCC Services.

You agree to follow these additional terms that apply to your use of JCC Services.


2. Eligibility

2.1 Who Can Use JCC Services? To register for a JCC Account and use our services, you must:

  • Be an individual, corporation, or organization with the power and authority to use JCC Services and follow these Terms.

  • If you're an individual, be at least 18 years old.

  • If you're representing a company, be authorized to act on its behalf.

  • Not have been suspended from JCC Services before.

  • Not be a Restricted Person.

  • Not already have a JCC Account.

  • Not be in a place where it's against the law for you, us, or any third party to use JCC Services, or in a country listed in our List of prohibited countries.

2.2 Changing Eligibility Criteria  We might change who can use JCC Services. We'll try to tell you beforehand, but if we can't, we'll let you know as soon as possible. We might make changes because of legal reasons, if it's in your interest, or for other valid reasons.


3. How We Get in Touch

3.1 How to Reach Us To learn more about JC-COIN, check out our website. If you have questions, feedback, or complaints, contact our Customer Support team at help@jc-coin.io. Specific contact details for certain notices may be in these Terms, but this address is not monitored for those notices.

3.2 How We Reach You We'll contact you using the info you give us, like email, SMS, or phone. Make sure your contact details are right and current. If they change, tell us right away. If you don't, we're not responsible if you miss important info from us.


4. JCC Services

4.1 Using JCC Services After you open a JCC Account, you can use JCC Services as described in these Terms and the Product Terms for each specific service.

4.2 Services Within the Group You understand that some JCC Services might come from JCC Affiliates.


5. Chat Service

5.1 Availability of Chat Service. We may make our interactive online chat service available to you (“Chat Service”) at any time in connection with your use of any of the JCC Services. By using the Chat Service, you may interact with a bot, chatbot, or other non-human. We will disclose the use of a chatbot, or other non-human, to the extent required by Applicable Law. When engaging with us through use of the Chat Service, you authorise us to monitor and save your chats.

5.2 Important information. The Chat Service is provided as a convenience, often to facilitate your understanding of the JCC Services. Our Chat Service will make reasonable efforts to provide you with accurate and current information based on your question or need. Nothing we communicate in the Chat Service will be considered a legal agreement, representation or warranty as to the JCC Services, processes, decisions, or response times. Any personal data shared with us when using the Chat Service will be subject to the applicable privacy-related policies and notices described in our Privacy Notice.

5.3 User Chats. In addition, we may make available to you chats that allow you to interact directly with other users of the Platform (“User Chat”).

5.4 Prohibited actions. You must not use the Chat Service or any User Chat to send any abusive, defamatory, dishonest, or obscene message or any messages intended to manipulate a market or to spread false or misleading information or messages that are otherwise in contravention of Applicable Laws, and doing so may result in termination of the Chat Service session and may lead to restrictions on the availability of JCC Services to you.


6. Fees

6.1 Paying Fees You agree to pay the fees mentioned on our Fee Structure page or in the Product Terms for your use of JCC Services. We can deduct fees, commissions, interest, and other amounts you owe from your JCC Account. If you owe in one type of Digital Asset but don't have enough, we may deduct from another type, converting them at the current rate on the Platform or another reasonable rate we decide. If there aren't enough Digital Assets, you owe us a debt, and you agree to pay in the way we decide, in a fair manner.

6.2 Changing Fees We can change our fees as explained in section 18.3 of these Terms.


7. Your JCC Account Information

7.1 Opening Your Account To use JCC Services and the Platform, you need a JCC Account. This could be for an individual or a company. We decide if you get an account, and we can refuse without giving a reason.

7.2 Account Usage By getting a JCC Account:

  • If you're an individual, use it only for yourself, not for others, unless we say it's okay.

  • If you're a company, use the Corporate JCC Account only for your benefit. Don't let others use it unless we give permission. Also, don't give direct access to JC-Coin.io to anyone without verifying their identity.

You're responsible for all activities under your JCC Account.

7.3 Verification Process Follow our identity verification rules before opening a JCC Account. Provide accurate information, update it when needed, and let us check your identity. We may use third parties to verify your identity and take action based on the results.

7.4 More Verification We might need more info, documents, or meetings to ensure everything's okay.

7.5 Keeping Records We keep your info for your JCC Services use, and as long as the law says we should. Check our Privacy Notice for details.

7.6 Sub-Accounts You might create a JCC Sub-Account at our discretion. Each person or company associated with it follows the same verification rules. Only one person or company can be linked to a specific JCC Sub-Account.


8. Information Requests

8.1 When We Need Information We may ask for info anytime to follow the law, verify your identity, prevent financial crimes, or for valid reasons. You agree to provide the info we need and let us keep it as long as the law says.

8.2 Impact of Providing Information Providing info about yourself may affect your JCC Account access and transaction limits. If we suspect your info is wrong, old, or incomplete, we might ask for corrections or take necessary actions.

8.3 Not Providing Requested Information You must follow our info requests. If you refuse or don't comply, we can suspend or end your access to your JCC Account or JCC Services without notice.


9. Accessing Your JCC Account

9.1 How to Access To use your JCC Account, you or your Permitted Users need a device with internet access. Access your JCC Account through the Platform or other methods we specify. Use the Access IDs we provide, and we might add extra security with multi-factor authentication.

Follow any additional terms for using the Platform or other access methods.

9.2 Restricting Third-Party Access Don't let anyone other than yourself or, for Corporate JCC Accounts, your Permitted Users, use your JCC Account unless allowed by these Terms.


10. Account Info and Transactions

10.1 Your Account History Check your Account History on the Platform. Tell us within 14 days if you spot any entries or Transactions that seem wrong.

10.2 Correcting Errors We can fix errors in your Account History at any time. We may void or change Transactions due to errors. We're not liable for losses unless it's due to fraud or bad faith.

1.1 Sharing Information We might need to share your JCC Account and Account History info with third parties as required by the law. Check our Privacy Notice for more on how we handle your data.


11. Using Your Account

11.1 Giving Instructions Make sure your Instructions are complete and accurate. We may not verify Instructions but can ask for more info if unsure. Once submitted, Instructions are irrevocable.

11.2 Acting on Instructions By giving Instructions, you authorize us to carry out Transactions on your JCC Account. If you lack enough assets, we can refuse a Transaction. Withdrawal requests are subject to our judgment and may be suspended if needed.

11.3 Protection of Instructions Understand that Instructions sent online carry risks. We can't guarantee complete protection against unauthorized access.

11.4 Withdrawals You can instruct us to transfer Digital Assets to an external wallet if you have enough balance. We may refuse if the law prevents it or for Platform incidents.


12. Transactions

12.1 Making Transactions You can engage in Transactions with us or other users directly. We don't guarantee successful or timely completion.

12.2 Unauthorized Transactions You're responsible for your JCC Account. We assume you authorized any Instructions unless told otherwise. Monitor your Account History for any unauthorized activity.

12.3 Keeping Transaction Records Allow us to keep records of all Transaction info for as long as needed. Check our Privacy Notice for data details.


13. Interests and Conflicts

13.1 JCC Group Know that JCC is part of a group involved with Digital Assets.

13.2 Our Duties Understand that our relationship and JCC Services don't create specific legal, equitable, or fiduciary duties unless mentioned in these Terms. We may act in different capacities.

13.3 Material Interests We're not required to consider or disclose material interests unless explicitly stated. We may receive general market info and use it in our business.

13.4 Conflicts of Interest We work to identify and manage conflicts of interest. If our arrangements aren't enough, we'll inform you and may decline to act for you.


14. Transaction Limits

14.1 Your Limits Your JCC Account may have limits on the number or value of Transactions you can make within a specific period, as displayed in your JCC Account.

14.2 Changes to Limits We can change your Transaction limits anytime at our discretion. You may request changes, but we'll decide based on our conditions.


15. Supported Digital Assets

15.1 Available Assets JCC Services work with Supported Digital Assets, listed on our Website. We might remove or suspend some Digital Assets, notifying you in advance. Unsupported Digital Assets in your account may be converted into stablecoins.

15.2 Forks During a Fork, we may pause related JCC Services. Supporting a Fork is our choice, and we'll announce it publicly.

15.3 Backed Digital Assets We might support Digital Assets tied to other assets, but you must understand and accept associated terms and risks. We aren't obligated to buy or redeem these assets, and services related to them may change.


16. Account Security

16.1 Your Responsibility Protect your hardware and data from threats, back up your information, and comply with Applicable Law. We aren't liable for losses due to your failure to follow this.

16.2 Security Measures Maintain control of your Access IDs and ensure security by following our procedures, creating strong passwords, and keeping your information up to date. Never share passwords or authentication codes. Log out after each visit. Notify us immediately of any compromised security.

16.3 Monitoring and Breaches Regularly check your Account History for suspicious activity. Report any Security Breach immediately and follow our instructions. We may request relevant information to resolve the breach.




17. Privacy

17.1 Privacy Notice Our use of your personal data is detailed in our Privacy Notice. You agree to follow our Privacy Notice, which may change, and you'll keep up with any updates.


18. Changes to the Terms

18.1 Making Changes We can update these Terms and related conditions anytime, with your acceptance upon using the services. We'll inform you via email or our website, giving notice unless immediate changes are necessary.

18.2 Effective Date Changes take effect after notice, and your continued use signals acceptance. If you disagree, you can close your JCC Account.

18.3 Fee Changes Fees may also change, and your continued use implies acceptance. You can close your account if you disagree.


19. Closing your JCC Account

19.1 Your Right to Close You can close your JCC Account anytime, following our procedures. No charges, but any outstanding amounts must be paid.

19.2 Closure Consequences Upon closure, withdraw all Digital Assets. If inactive for 90 days, we'll notify you before marking your account as dormant.


20.Termination, Suspension, Holds, and Restrictions

20.1 Our Right to Act We may modify, suspend, or terminate services immediately for various reasons listed. We'll notify you when possible, except when restricted by law.

20.2 Your Acknowledgement Reasons for termination are not limited, and our actions are based on confidential criteria for risk management. We may not disclose specific details.

20.3 Consequences of Termination Open instructions or transactions may be closed. Chargebacks may lead to suspension, and to reactivate, reimbursement is needed.

20.4 Unlawful Possession If we suspect unlawful possession of assets, we may place a hold until evidence proves rightful ownership. We won't intervene in disputes.

20.5 Access in Other Jurisdictions Residents of certain countries may have restricted access to some JCC Services. Traveling to prohibited countries may block access. Attempts to bypass restrictions are not allowed.




21. Background IP

21.1 The JCC IP shall remain vested in JC-Coin.


22. License of JCC IP

22.1 We give you a non-exclusive license to use JCC IP during these Terms for non-commercial personal or internal business use. The license lasts until we suspend or terminate your JCC Services access.


23. License of User IP

23.1 Your License Grant You grant us a perpetual, royalty-free license to use your User IP for Created IP and to provide JCC Services.

23.2 Our Right to Sub-license We can sub-license your User IP to third parties to deliver JCC Services.


24. Created IP

24.1 Ownership Created IP automatically belongs to us when it's created.

24.2 Assignment You assign to us all rights and interests in Created IP, and you'll sign necessary documents at our request.


25. General

25.1 User Material Responsibility We're not responsible for User Material on the Platform or Sites. Using it is at your own risk.

25.2 Our Rights We can remove or modify content you submit, with actions like warnings, removing material, or suspending your JCC Account if needed.

25.3 Recording We may record our communications for various purposes, like responding to inquiries, ensuring compliance, improving services, and providing customer support.




26. Prohibited Use

26.1 By having a JCC Account, you agree not to misuse it. Prohibited actions include breaking the terms, disrupting other users, engaging in fraudulent activities, using JCC Services for commercial purposes without approval, manipulating market prices, and violating laws or intellectual property rights.


27. Representations and Warranties

27.1 You promise that:

  • The info you provide is true, accurate, and up-to-date.

  • Your decisions are based on your judgment and financial situation.

  • You have the authority to use JCC Services.

  • For entities, you comply with laws, notify changes, and inform us if dissolved.

  • Necessary approvals for JCC Services are obtained.

  • Terms and agreements are legally binding.

  • You're not a Restricted Person.

  • You're a legal entity or over 18 if an individual.

  • Your actions won't breach laws or prior agreements.


28. Technology Disclaimers

28.1 JCC Services are provided "as is."

28.2 We might suspend access for maintenance.

28.3 Content may not always be accurate or up-to-date.

28.4 We aren't responsible for third-party websites.

28.5 You're responsible for your network access and compatible devices.


29. Indemnity

29.1 You cover us against claims arising from your use of JCC Services.

29.2 We can control the defense but won't settle without your consent.

29.3 You release us from claims related to disputes with other users or third parties.


30. Liability

30.1 Our liability is limited to fees paid in the last 12 months.

30.2 We're not responsible for various losses, damages, or delays.

30.3 Claims must be filed within one year.

30.4 Damage or Interruption

  • We aren't liable for computer viruses, phishing, or your security lapses.



Mandatory legal rights under the law are not affected.


31. Notice of Claim and Dispute Resolution Period

31.1 If you have issues with our services, contact us first. We want to resolve concerns without legal action. If not resolved initially, we'll assign a ticket number and aim to solve it internally. The parties will negotiate in good faith, keeping discussions confidential. If still unsatisfied, submit a written "Notice of Claim" to us, detailing the issue. If this doesn't resolve, either party can initiate arbitration.


32. Agreement to Arbitrate

32.1 Claims will be resolved through individual arbitration by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. The seat of arbitration is Hong Kong. The arbitrator has exclusive power to decide jurisdiction. The arbitration terms continue even after these terms end.


33. Confidentiality

Arbitration details, including claims, documents, and awards, must be kept confidential. Limited exceptions include consent, legal requirements, enforcement of awards, or publicly available information. Confidentiality survives term termination.


34. Governing Law

Unless Applicable Law requires otherwise, these terms are governed by Hong Kong law.


35. Class Action Waiver

Claims must be handled individually, not as a class action. Combining arbitrations requires JCC's consent.




36. General Terms
  • Applicable Law: Follow all laws, licenses, and third-party rights.

  • Notices: We notify you by email. Keep your email updated. Notices are effective when sent to your Email Account.

  • Announcements: Official updates are on the Website. Monitor for important information.

  • Entire Agreement: These terms, with any Product Terms, constitute the full agreement.

  • Assignment: You can't transfer rights without consent. We can transfer rights at any time.

  • Invalidity: If a term becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, others still apply.

  • Records: We may record communications for evidence in proceedings.

  • Language: In case of inconsistencies, the English text prevails.

  • Third-Party Rights: Terms benefit only the parties.

  • Survival: Clauses survive term termination.

  • Relationship: No agency is established between parties.

  • Digital Assets: JCC isn't a trustee for your Digital Assets.

  • Force Majeure: Not liable for delays due to unforeseen events.

  • No Waiver: No delay implies a waiver of rights.

  • Set-off: We may set-off amounts you owe.

  • Privacy of Others: Keep user information confidential.

  • Publication of Breaches: JCC may publish breach details when necessary.

  • Death of Account Holder: Notify us in case of death. Account suspension may occur until the estate representative provides documentation.

  • Tax: You're responsible for determining and paying applicable taxes.

  • Review and adhere to these terms for proper usage of JCC Services.


37. Definitions and Interpretation

37.1 The clause headings and numbering in these Terms are for convenience only and do not impact the meaning, priority, or interpretation of any clause or sub-clause.

37.2 The terms "include" or "including" mean without limitation.

37.3 Any undertaking to do or not do something includes not permitting or allowing the act.

37.4 Words in the singular form encompass the plural, vice versa, and gender-neutral terms include any gender.

37.5 References to a document mean that document as amended, varied, or novated from time to time without violating these Terms.

37.6 In the case of inconsistency between these Terms (including any referenced documents), resolve the inconsistency in the following order:

  • Product Terms,

  • Privacy Notice, and

  • These Terms.


38. Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the specified meanings:
  • Access IDs: Your JCC Account details, username, passwords, etc.

  • Account History: Written record of Transactions and your JCC Account.

  • API: Application Program Interface.

  • Applicable Law: Relevant statutes, laws, principles, regulations, etc., applicable to JCC Services.

  • Backed Digital Assets: As defined in clause ‎15.3.

  • JCC Account: Any accounts or sub-accounts opened by JCC for recording your use of JCC Services.

  • JCC Affiliates: Entities related to Nest Services Limited.

  • JCC API: API made available by a JCC Affiliate.

  • JCC IP: Intellectual Property Rights owned or licensed to us, provided to you during JCC Services.

  • JCC Services: Services offered by us to you through the Platform.

  • JCC Sub-Account: Sub-account set up under a primary JCC Account.

  • Chat Service: As defined in clause ‎5.

  • Claim: Any dispute or controversy between you and JCC or JCC Affiliates.

  • Control: Power of a person to ensure another's affairs are conducted according to their wishes.

  • Corporate JCC Account: Account for a corporation or entity.

  • Created IP: Intellectual Property Rights created by you under these Terms.

  • Digital Assets: Digital representation of value or rights, e.g., cryptocurrencies.

  • Dominant Digital Asset: Forked Digital Asset with dominance.

  • Email Account: Email associated with your JCC Account.

  • Fiat Currency: Government-issued currency.

  • Force Majeure Events: Unforeseen events disrupting JCC Services.

  • Fork: Changes to operating rules of certain Digital Assets.

  • Forked Digital Asset: Resulting Digital Asset from a Fork.

  • Instruction: Order given to JCC by you or a Permitted User.

  • Intellectual Property Rights: Copyrights, patents, etc.

  • List of Prohibited Countries: Countries not supported.

  • Local Terms: Terms governing JCC Services in specific jurisdictions.

  • Losses: As defined in clause ‎29.1.

  • Manifest Error: Obvious errors.

  • Mobile App: Application for JCC Services.

  • Permitted User: Authorized user for Corporate JCC Account.

  • Platform: Digital platform for JCC Services.

  • Privacy Notice: Privacy policy at https://new.demozab.com/JCCoin/user/public/privacy

  • Product Terms: Product-specific terms.

  • Regulatory Authority: Governmental or regulatory body.

  • Restricted Person: Person in trade embargoes or economic sanctions.

  • Risk Warning: General risk warning at https://new.demozab.com/JCCoin/user/public/risk-summary

  • Security Breach: Compromised account or unauthorized access.

  • Sites: Our websites, pages, features, or content.

  • Supported Digital Assets: Digital Assets available for use.

  • Terms: These terms of use.

  • Trade Marks: Intellectual Property Rights in trademarks.

  • Transaction: Buying, selling, or other transactions involving Digital Assets.

  • User IP: Intellectual Property Rights owned or licensed by you.

  • User Materials: Intellectual Property Rights in reviews, posts, etc.

  • Website: www.JC-Coin.io.