Risk Warning Summary

Risk Warning:

  • Terms defined in JCC's Terms of Use apply to this warning.

  1. JCC Services:
    • Each service on JCC carries specific risks.

    • This summary provides a general overview, and you must understand all risks before using JCC Services.

  2. No Personal Advice:
    • JCC doesn't give personal advice.

    • You decide to use JCC Services, and the responsibility for decisions rests with you.

  3. No Monitoring:
    • JCC is not a broker or advisor.

    • You assess if your financial activities align with goals and risk tolerance.

  4. No Tax, Regulatory or Legal Advice:
    • You're responsible for taxes on digital asset transactions.

    • Seek independent advice for tax-related queries.

  5. Market Risks:
    • Digital asset trading is highly volatile.

    • Past performance doesn't guarantee future results.

  6. Liquidity Risk:
    • Some digital assets may have limited liquidity, affecting the ability to sell or exit positions.

  7. Fees & Charges:
    • JCC fees are outlined, subject to occasional updates.

  8. Availability Risk:
    • JCC doesn't guarantee constant availability.

    • Legal restrictions may limit services in certain regions.

  9. Third Party Risk:
    • Involvement of third parties in JCC Services, subject to their terms and conditions.

  10. Security Risk:
    • You're responsible for securing your JCC Account, as some transactions may be irreversible.

  11. Risks related to Digital Assets:
    • Intrinsic risks include faults, irreversibility, technological obsolescence, delays, and attacks on protocols.

  12. Monitoring Risks:
    • Digital asset markets operate 24/7, with rapid price changes at any time.

  13. Communication Risks:
    • Electronic communication may fail or be delayed.

  14. Currency:
    • Currency exchange fluctuations impact gains and losses.

  15. Legal Risk:
    • Changes in laws and regulations can affect digital asset values, and this risk is unpredictable.


Understanding these risks is crucial before engaging with JCC Services.